Dinner Menu

updated by 3pm daily


Kurobuta Pork Belly Steam Bun, Guacamole, Radish 4ea

Grilled Banana, Chocolate Ganache, Curried Peanuts, Sweet Pickled Thai Chile, Thai Basil 5ea

Hasselback Potatoes, Malt Vinegar Aioli, Sweet Peas, Horseradish & Lemon Zested Cress 10

Brussels Sprouts Caesar, Jalapeño Dressing, Cotija, Tortilla, Cornbread Crumble, Radish 10

Spicy Hummus, Fresh Pomegranate Arils, Roasted Garlic Oil, Fried Pita Nuggets, Cress 10

Kabocha Squash & Kale Sprouts,
Uncle Jan’s Jerk, Butternut Squash Puree, Candied Pepitas 12 vegan

Gorgonzola Fonduta, Rye Pain Perdu, Pecans Cooked In Stout Caramel, Grapes 12

Eddie’s Cast Iron Focaccia, Baby Tomatoes, Basil, Handmade Burrata, Roasted Garlic 13

Sugar Snap Peas & Fresh Hearts Of Palm, Green Papaya, Grapefruit, Macadamia Nuts, Coconut, Fish Sauce Dressing 13

Albacore & Granny Smith Apple Aguachile,
Compressed Persimmons, Jicama 18

Dungeness Crab Marinated With Red Fresno Puree, Haricots Verts Dressed With Lemon Pulp, Pine Nuts, Puffed Black Quinoa, The Last Chive Blossoms 19


Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken 10/17
the one item you can’t send back. if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, get something else four or eight pieces, drums & thighs

Pan Fried Udon Noodles, Onions, Butternut Squash, Bok Choy, Crispy Garlic, Sesame Seeds & Crispy Shallots For Days 14 vegan/rich & salty/split it

Pan Roasted Wild Mushrooms, Tongues Of Fire Beans, Piquillo Criolla,
Crispy Sweet Potato, Slow Egg, Lemon 19

Hillary’s Orecchiette, Duck & Calabrian Chile Sausage, Broccoli Hearts,
Garlic, Parmesan 21

Kalbi Glazed Baby Back Ribs, Furikake Rice, Lomi-Lomi Tomatoes, Toasted Coconut 24

Grilled Long Island Fluke, Warm Corn & Tomato Butter Sauce,
Charred Scallion & Lime Crema, Baby Heirloom Tomatoes, Red Fresno 30

Grilled Imperial Wagyu, Grilled Butternut Squash Pave, Parmesan Creamed Spinach, Horseradish Hazelnut & Lemon Salsa, Rosemary Jus 36

Maple Glazed Pork Chop 37


Blackberry & Lingonberry Sorbet 5

Piña Co-tart-a! Coconut Cream, Maraschino Pineapple, Toasted Coconut 8

Black Mission Fig Sticky Toffee Pudding 8

Aztec Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Cream,
Dulce de Leche Ice Cream 8

Bourbon Glazed Brioche & Braised Peach, Ginger Buttercream, Pecans,
Vanilla Ice Cream 9

Black Sesame Churros, Kaya, Banana Cream, Coconut Sorbet, Mint 10