Dinner Menu

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Kurobuta Belly Steam Bun, Guacamole, Radish 4ea

Rainbow Carrot Fritters, Baking Spices, Meyer Lemon Creme Fraiche 7

Fancy Black Pepper Macaron, Blackberry Jam 8ea

Stuffing Croquettes, Cranberry Dipping Sauce 8

Compressed Persimmon, Kishu Tangerine, Cinnamon Labne, Spiced Pepitas, Housemade Granola Watercress 8

Mashed Acorn Squash, Pistachio, Housemade Merguez Sausage, Harissa 8

Balsamic Braised Red Cabbage,
Goat Cheese, Toasted Pine Nuts 8

Matty’s Longaniza & Anaheim Chile Stuffing, Black Pepper Chicken Jus 9 limited

Fried Brussels Sprouts, Maple Horseradish Cream, Candied Pecans, Cornbread Crumble 9

Butter Lettuce, Cranberry Vinaigrette, Cranberries, Red Onion, Apples, Brie 10

Jan’s Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Marshmallow Fluff, Fried Sage 11

Pan Roasted Wild Mushrooms,
Haricot Vert, Mushroom Puree, Pecan Pangrattato, Crispy Shallot 17 vegan

Dungeness Crab Roll, Meyer Lemon Aioli, Celery, Red Onion, Chive, Dough Exchange Roll 18


Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken 9/16
the one item you can’t send back. if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into,
get you else

Hillary’s Butternut Squash Tortellini, Poached Pear, Candied Walnut,
Bleu Cheese 13

Diestel Turkey Breast Hot Browns, Cabot White Cheddar, Nueske’s Bacon, Baby Heirloom Tomato 13

Grilled Sword Fish, Sultana Salsa Verde, Confit Potato, Roasted Pearl Onion, Bourbon Pork Jus 4/oz

Confit Diestel Farms Turkey, Mustard Spaetzle, Braised Mustard Greens, Plumped Cherry 15

72-Hour Wagyu Beef Cheeks, Flavors Of Pot Roast, Braised Mirepoix, Smoked Potato Puree 18

Maple Glazed Pork Chop 35 parties of 4 or more, otherwise it’s not as good

eddie’s desserted island

Apple Cider Sorbet 5

Black Mission Fig Sticky Toffee Pudding 7

Sponge Cake, Maple & Beet, Candied Pecan, Citrus Yogurt Panna Cotta, Blackberry Sorbet 9

Parsnips Like You’ve Never Seen Before, Root Beer In A Bunch Of Ways, Ginger Cookie Crumble 8

Hazelnut Cake, Roasted Pumpkin & Pumpkin Molasses, Pear Bark, Orange 8