Wine is not simply a perfect complement to great food; it is also a social lubricant and the best aid to seduction known to man. It is a beverage whose benefits are amplified by the surroundings in which it is enjoyed and the friends with whom it is shared. We believe in wine and its many benefits, and we’ve hired a sommelier to help us put together a list of exciting food-friendly wines from around the world that you probably haven’t had elsewhere. We’ve listened to guest comments and criticisms and put together a by-the-glass program that will make most people happy. It seems few people agree on the appropriate volume of a glass of wine, and nothing appears to be enough in our 14 oz. glasses. So we will serve a dozen or more wines in 250 ml carafes. (Dessert and sparkling wines will still be served by the glass.) 250 ml is exactly one-third of a bottle, so it is a fair amount to share or a pleasant evening for one.

Updated 8/27/14
WINE of the WEEK
Merlot, Korbin Kameron.  Sonoma Valley 2004   $45

CARAFE (250ml) $14 / $35 Bottle

Chenin Blanc, Folk Machine.  Madonna Vineyard-Mendocino 2013
Malvasia Bianca, Birichino.  Monterey County 2013
Riesling, Kabinett.  Max. Fred. Richter.  Veldenzer Elisenberg-MSR-Germany 2008
Rosé,  Vesper. Rancho Guejito Vineyard-San Pasqual Valley-San Diego County 2013
Grenache, Skinner.  El Dorado-Sierra Foothils-Ca 2011
Right Bank, Chateau Canteloup.  Cote de Blaye-Bordeaux-France 2000
Rhone Blend, Neyers ‘Sage Canyon Red’  California 2012
Syrah, Black Sheep Finds ‘Hocus Pocus” Santa Barbara County 2011
Zinfandel, Bedrock Wine Co. ‘Old Vine’  Sonoma Valley-Ca 2013
CARAFE (250ml) $18 / $50 bottle
Chardonnay, Patrick Piuze ‘Val de Mer’ Vaillons Premier Cru-Chablis 2011
Pinot Gris, Jolie-Laide. Windsor Oaks Vineyard-Chalk Hill-Sonoma 2013
Sauvignon Blanc, Dragonette Cellars. Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara 2012
Cabernet Sauvignon, Elhers Estate ‘120/80′ St Helena-Napa 2011
Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon, Catena/Lafite ‘Amancaya’ Mendoza-Argentina 2010
Pinot Noir, J.K. Carriere ‘Provocateur’ Willamette Valley-Oregon 2012
Champagne, Gaston Chiquet.  Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc d’Ay 2004 1.5L  $215
Champagne, Lamandier-Bernier.  Premier Cru NV $80
Champagne, Pierre Callot.  Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc. Avize-France NV  $85
Champagne, R&L Legras.  Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc. Chouilly-France NV  $75
Cremant du Jura, Tissot ‘Extra Brut’  Jura-France $45
Frizzante, La Stoppa, Trebbiolo. Emilia Romagna IGT 2010   $42
Sparkling Sake, Hou Hou Shu.  Okayama-Japan NV 300ml $25
Traditional Method, Roederer ‘L’Ermitage’ Anderson Valley-Ca 2002 $70
WHITE bottle
Blend, Scholium Project ‘Midan Al-Tahrir’ California 2009 $45
Chardonnay, Matthiasson.  Michael Mara Vineyard-Sonoma Coast 2011 $70
Chardonnay, Mt. Eden Vineyards, Estate.  Santa Cruz Mountains 2010   $80
Chardonnay, Patrick Piuze, Val de Mer.  Chablis Premier Cru Vaillons 2011  $50
Chardonnay, Pierre Morey.  Burgundy-France 2011  $65
Chardonnay, Roland Thevenin. Monthelie-Burgundy-France 2009 $40
Chardonnay, Saxon Brown.  Durrell Vineyard-Sonoma Coast 2009  $55
Chardonnay/Savagnin, Domaine Macle.  Cotes du Jura-France 2008  $55
Chenin Blanc, Folk Machine. Madonna Vineyard-Mendocino  2013  $35
Chenin Blanc, Vincent Raimbault.  Vouvray-France 2011   $35
Malvasia Bianca, Birichino.  San Bernabe Vineyard-Monterey-Ca 2011 $35
Pinot Gris, Florian Beck Hartweg.  Frankstien Grand Cru-Alsace-France 2010 $50
Pinot Gris, Jolie-Laide.  Windsor Oaks Vineyard-Chalk Hill-Sonoma County 2013  $55
Riesling, Hochgewächs.  Hexamer. Meddersheimer Rheingrafenberg. Nahe-Germany 2001 $60
Riesling, auslese, Carl Schmitt-Wagner. Longuicher Maximiner Herenberg.  MSR-Germany 2003 $40
Riesling, spätlese, Joh. Jos. Christoffel Erben. Ürziger Würzgarten. MSR-Germany 2009  $60
Riesling, spätlese. Willi Schaefer. Graacher Dromprost #10. MSR-Germany 2011  $70
Roussanne, Black Sheep Finds ‘Holus Bolus’ Camp 4 Vineyard- Santa Barbara County 2011  $45
Sauvignon Blanc, Clos Roche Blanche.  Touraine-France 2011   $40
Vermentino.  Ryme ‘His’ Las Brisas Vineyard-Carneros-Ca 2010  $65
ROSE bottle
Les Vins Contes ‘Pow, Blop, Wizz’ Petillant Naturel Vin de France NV  $40
Vesper. Rancho Guejito Vineyard- San Pasqual Valley- San Diego County 2013  $35
RED bottle
Blend, Bedrock Wine Co.  The Bedrock Heritage-Sonoma Valley 2013  $90
Blend, Bedrock Wine Co. Evangelho Vineyard Heritage-Contra Costa County 2013  $70
Cot, Puzelat-Bonhomme ‘KO In Cot We Trust’ Touraine-France 2010 $45
Cabernet Franc, Domaine de Pallus ‘Les Pensees de Pallus’ Chinon-France 2010  $50
Cabernet Sauvignon, Atalon. Napa Valley 2009 $45
Cabernet Sauvignon, Cade. Howell Mountain-Napa Valley 2010 $95
Cabernet Sauvignon, Cain 5. Spring Mountain-Napa Valley 2004  $150
Cabernet Sauvignon, Chateau Bel Aire Lagrave. Moulis-en-Medoc Bordeaux-France 1986  $80
Cabernet Sauvignon, Domaine Eden. Santa Cruz Mountains 2009 $55
Cabernet Sauvignon, Kenefick Ranch ‘Chris’ Cuvee’ Calistoga-Napa Valley 2009 $90
Cabernet Sauvignon, Mount Eden Vineyards. Santa Cruz Mountains 2009 1.5L  $160
Cabernet Sauvignon, Riverain. Tench Vineyard-Oakville-Napa 2011  $140
Cabernet Sauvignon/ Sangiovese, Villa Montefiori. Valle de Gaudalupe-Baja-Mexico 2009 $50
Cinsault. Birichino ‘Vignes Centenaires’ Bechthold Vineyard-Mokelumne River-Lodi 2012  $40
Frappato, Occhipinti. Sicilia IGT-Italy 2011 $70
Freisa, Giuseppe Mascarello ‘Toetto’ Langhe DOC-Italy 2009   $50
Gamay, Bow and Arrow.  Willamette Valley-Oregon 2011  $40
Gamay, Les Vins Contés ‘Gama Sutra’  Vin de France 2011 $40
Gamay, Marcel Lapierre ‘Cuvée MMXI”  Morgon-France 2011  $75
Grenache/ Syrah, Jolie Laide.  Rossi Ranch Vineyard- Sonoma County 2012  $70
Merlot, Hill Family Estate.  Beau Terre Vineyard- Napa Valley 2011  $45
Pinot Noir, Anthill Farms. Demuth Vineyard-Anderson Valley 2010 $70
Pinot Noir, Domaine Marcel Deiss.  Alsace-France 2011  $50
Pinot Noir, Dragonette Cellars. Radian Vineyard- Santa Rita Hills  $90
Pinot Noir, Gros Ventre.  Campbell Ranch Vineyard- Sonoma Coast 2012  $70
Pinot Noir, Harrington.  Russian River Valley 2012  $35
Pinot Noir, Roar.  Santa Lucia Highlands 2012 $65
Pinot Noir, Thierry Richoux. Irancy-Burgundy-France 2010 $55
Pinot Noir/Poulsard/Trousseau. Caves Jean Bourdy. Cotes du Jura-France 2009  $50
Petite Sirah, Forlorn Hope ‘Les Deux Mathieux’ Suisun Valley 2007 $55
Rhone Blend. Neyers Vineyards ‘Sage Canyon Red’ California 2012  $40
Syrah, Alain Graillot ‘Syrocco’ Zenata-Morocco 2009  $45
Syrah, Donkey & Goat ‘The Recluse’ Broken Leg Vineyard-Anderson Valley 2010  $70
Syrah, Donkey & Goat. Fenaughty Vineyard-El Dorado-CA 2011  $70
Syrah, Eric Texier ‘Domaine de Pergaud’ St Julien en St Alban-Rhone-France 2010 $60
Syrah, Riverain. Cardiac Hill-Bennett Valley 2011  $60
Zinfandel, Robert Biale ‘Black Chicken’   Napa Valley 2012  $75
Amontillado, Gonzalez Bypass ‘Vina AB Superior’ Jerez-Spain  $8 glass
Amontillado, Gonzalez Bypass ‘Del Duque VORS 30 Year’ Jerez-Spain  $30 glass
Fino, Gonzalez Bypass ‘Tio Pepe’ Jerez-Spain  $30 375ml
Pedro Ximenez, Alvear ‘Solera 1927′ Montilla Moriles-Spain  $20 glass
Porto, Quinta do Infantado ‘Green Label Reserva’ Gontelho-Covas do Douro-Portugal NV $10 glass
Riesling, Late Harvest, Arrowood. Saralee Vineyard-Sonoma 2007  $8 glass
Sauternes, Domaine de l’Alliance. Sauternes-France 2010  $70


Corkage Policy

We’ve done our best to provide a number of excellent and affordable wine options for you. If none of these meets your mood or if you think that The Playground is just the place you want to crack open that ’61 Chateau Latour your dad gave you when you graduated from college, then bring your own wine. There is no corkage fee at Playground. There is a $20 per 750 ml bottle corkage fee for most events at Playground 2.0.